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Aug 02, 2023

One Piece: Haki Upgrade That Each Straw Hat Needs

These are the Haki upgrades that each Straw Hat needs. Haki is an essential power in the world of One Piece that every pirate who wants to survive the New World without running into much trouble

These are the Haki upgrades that each Straw Hat needs.

Haki is an essential power in the world of One Piece that every pirate who wants to survive the New World without running into much trouble absolutely needs to master. It is an ability that has shone in the post-time skip of One Piece and even more so against the stronger enemies, such as the Emperor crews and the Navy Admirals.

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The Straw Hat Pirates do possess some very good Haki users, however, there are quite a few of them that still do not possess this skill. Even those who do have this power need upgrades so they can fight against the top tiers of the One Piece world without much trouble.

Jinbe is a user of both Armament and Observation Haki, however, his mastery of both these skills appears to be of a basic level. Jinbe certainly needs to advance his Armament Haki, given that he is a tank. Learning Ryuo would be perfect for Jinbe as it would allow him to stack Haki on top of his Fishman Karate and deal even more damage from the inside out.

In the future, Jinbe can then be able to penetrate the thickest of armors and, given that he hits very hard, this power-up would be perfect for him.

Brook doesn't possess the ability to use Haki at all, however, given that he often goes on espionage missions for the Straw Hat Crew, Observation Haki seems to be a perfect upgrade for him.

This Haki will also help him in combat greatly and increase his awareness. Furthermore, his speed-based combat system will also benefit from it greatly.

Franky is one of the powerhouses of the Straw Hat Crew and, based on that alone, Armament Haki seems like the perfect fit for him. Franky does not possess any type of Haki right now, however, if he were to awaken one, he would benefit greatly from Armament Haki as it would increase his durability and help him hit harder as well.

Nico Robin is, surprisingly, not a Haki user even at this point in the story when she clearly should be. Robin is an experienced pirate, further proven by the fact that she was able to defeat after worth 470 million berries recently.

Nico Robin is worth 930 million berries herself. For a pirate touching a billion berries, having both Armament and Observation Haki is the bare minimum.

Chopper is a decent combatant, however, his skills as a doctor are invaluable to the crew. Given that Chopper would often need to do complicated surgeries, Observation Haki is the perfect upgrade for him.

He could also use this in his combat, and it would be especially useful when he combines it with Kung Fu Point and even Brain Point.

Sanji possesses great control over Haki. He is a master of Observation Haki and possesses incredible Armament Haki, capable of damaging dinosaur skin with ease. Sanji needs an upgrade and Haki and it could come in the form of Conqueror's Haki.

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Usopp already has the power to use Observation Haki and it is time for him to level up his game. For Usopp, the perfect upgrade in terms of Haki would be Armament Haki.

This would allow his slingshot to have more power and let him defeat stronger enemies with ease. It will also help Usopp to deal with Logia-type Devil Fruit users, which have been a pain to deal with for him in the past.

Nami is the navigator of the crew and while she isn't among the strongest combatants, she is still very skilled, as is evident from her 366 million beri bounty. Nami does not possess any Haki but Observation Haki will shortly be a significant upgrade for her.

This Haki type will help her study even the smallest changes in weather even better than she already does. Furthermore, in combat, it would help her guide Zeus precisely and deliver lethal blows to her enemies.

Zoro already possesses all types of Haki and he can also make use of advanced Armament and Conqueror's Haki, thanks to Enma, which can draw it from his body. However, Zoro's control over his Conqueror's Haki is not good at all.

Zoro can hardly keep exuding his Haki for a few minutes before running out of it. In the fight against King, he could easily have died if the battle would have gone on for a little longer. As such, Zoro needs to upgrade his Conqueror's Haki and make sure that he can stabilize it better.

Luffy is a master of all three Haki types and can use them at a great level. Of course, that certainly doesn't mean that Luffy has reached his peak and can't grow anymore. In terms of Haki, Luffy can still learn a lot.

There appear to be characters that are even better than him in terms of Haki usage. For instance, Shanks can see more than 10 seconds into the future and possesses Conqueror's Haki strong enough to knock out a 3 billion berry pirate in a single blow. Luffy is clearly not as strong as Shanks just yet and he needs to level up all his Haki types to surpass the Red-haired Emperor and solidify himself as the strongest pirate on the seas. MORE:Netflix's One Piece Live Action: All Episode Titles

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