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Jul 04, 2023

One Piece: The Result Of The Straw Hats Vs Seraphims, Explained

Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats had to fight the Seraphims. Here's what happened. One Piece's Egghead Island arc continues to be one of the most intense arcs that fans have ever witnessed, with

Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats had to fight the Seraphims. Here's what happened.

One Piece's Egghead Island arc continues to be one of the most intense arcs that fans have ever witnessed, with high-octane action as well as groundbreaking incidents taking place in nearly every chapter. Over the past few months, the story has been focusing on events separate from the ones that pertain to the Straw Hat Pirates, however, now, the focus appears to have shifted back to Egghead, where the Straw Hats were last seen fighting against the Seraphims.

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Quite a lot is going down on Egghead Island at the moment and fans are fully prepared for Oda to finally tackle the biggest incident in the post-timeskip of One Piece so far, the Egghead Incident. While fans certainly enjoyed the time away from Egghead as focus was thrown on the various plot points, at the end of the day, the Straw Hat Pirates are at the core of the story and fans were always going to miss that. Thankfully, with One Piece chapter 1089, the focus has now returned to Luffy and the group.

The Seraphim were introduced to the fans in the Egghead Island arc, shortly after the conclusion of the Wano arc. The very first instance of these beings came on Amazon Lily, through one of the flashbacks which showcased their might, along with how Hancock and her forces fought against the Navy and, later on, the Blackbeard Pirates. In this flashback, fans could see the Seraphim of Dracule Mihawk, as well as Boa Hancock. Later on, these Seraphims became central to the events of the Egghead Island Arc as well. It was revealed to the fans that these Seraphims were created by none other than Dr. Vegapunk through Lineage Factor manipulation as well as cloning.

Essentially, the Seraphims were created using the Lineage Factor of the former Warlords of the Sea. Vegapunk managed to clone them into their child versions and, at the same time, give them Green Blood, using which he granted them Paramecia abilities. Furthermore, he also infused their bodies with the Lineage Factor of the Lunarian race and this only meant that these Seraphims became Lunarian as well. In the Egghead Island arc, fans got to see the combat prowess of these Seraphims as they engaged the Straw Hat Pirates as well as the CP0 in action.

It wasn't long into Egghead Island when fans found out that the Seraphims were somehow working against the group. A traitor was soon hinted at and slowly, Oda ended up revealing the identity of this traitor as well. The traitor, who was later revealed to be York, had ordered the Seraphims to eradicate everyone other than Stella and thus, the Seraphims took charge of the situation. Fans got to see quite a few Straw Hats take on the Seraphims in combat. Starting with Luffy and Lucci, Oda had them fight against S-Bear, the Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma. By the looks of it, both Luffy and Lucci were struggling to deal damage to him, however, they eventually figured out its weakness and fans do not know how they went about this fight after.

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Meanwhile, Zoro and Kaku teamed up against S-Hawk and, once again, couldn't deal any damage to it. Later on, however, Zoro remembered that he had fought a Lunarian before and thus figured out its weakness. At the same time, Sanji ended up taking on S-Shark all alone and this fight was actually the most interesting, given that Sanji was showing off his durability to the Seraphim instead. While all the others were struggling against the Seraphims, Sanji was actually making the Seraphim struggle. Sadly, once again, fans did not get to see how this fight ended, however, Sanji appeared to be unscathed in the previous chapter.

The most dangerous Seraphim on the island, S-Snake was quite a curious case when all this was going down. While all the others were being engaged in combat, S-Snake was unstoppable. Using her incredible powers, she was petrifying people one after the other. Fans saw her petrify Vegapunks, and later on, even some members of the Straw Hat Crew. Usopp was one of the very first to be petrified by her and, later on, this petrification also extended to none other than Franky.

It was quite clear to see that the Seraphim S- Snake was the strongest and the most difficult to stop on the island due to her incredible ability. Fans saw her make quick work of a group of the Straw Hat Pirates and then, later on, move towards the laboratory, trying to eliminate every member of the Straw Hat group. Surprisingly, S-Snake was nowhere to be seen in One Piece chapter 1089, meaning just like the other Seraphims, she was dealt with as well. How exactly this happened is something that fans do not know just yet, however, it is expected of Oda to reveal what transpired on the island through flashbacks over the course of the next few chapters and fans are certainly looking forward to that.

It is incredibly hard to figure out who exactly won the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Seraphims. For one, the Straw Hats certainly did not lose, given that they are all, more or less, okay. While Zoro appears to be bandaged and Luffy has some scratches on him as well, they are all okay for the most part. For one, this implies that the Straw Hat Pirates did not lose. Secondly, this implies that the Seraphims possibly lost the battle, however, that isn't necessarily true. Fans know the Seraphims to be incredibly powerful creatures that can go on fighting for days, if not more. Their Lunarian DNA makes them tanks in combat and they clearly would not lose so easily to the Straw Hats, especially without them even going all out.

The most logical assumption here would be that the Seraphims were thwarted and all that would be courtesy of none other than Nico Robin. Robin was the one closest to York the last time fans saw Egghead Island. This means that Robin, along with Chopper and Atlas, could have apprehended York and this shouldn't be too much to expect of her, given that she is a pirate worth 930 million berries. Robin is an elite fighter and one of the strongest Officers of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew and for her, taking care of York should not have been too hard.

Given that York could command every single Seraphim, it is likely that Robin saved the day and made all the Seraphims stop in their tracks. This also explains why Franky and Usopp have been turned back to normal. Only S-Snake can return those that she has petrified to their normal state and someone would have to have ordered her to do so. The implication here is that York was apprehended, likely by Robin, and then ordered to get all the Seraphims to stop. Essentially, none of the Seraphims lost in combat to the Straw Hats but were rather made to stop fighting.

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