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Aug 04, 2023

One Piece: The Return Of The Straw Hat Pirates, Explained

After months, the story of One Piece finally goes to focus back on Luffy and the Straw Hats. One Piece has been knocking it out of the park recently with one phenomenal chapter after the other. The

After months, the story of One Piece finally goes to focus back on Luffy and the Straw Hats.

One Piece has been knocking it out of the park recently with one phenomenal chapter after the other. The story is currently in its Final Saga and this means there are quite a lot of massive plot threads that Oda needs to tie. The Final Saga has seen Oda take his focus all over the world of One Piece, and deliver it to every single major faction to exist in the series.

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Fans have seen quite a lot of the Revolutionary Army, thanks to Sabo and, at the same time, they have also seen quite a lot about other Yonko, who have engaged the likes of the Worst Generation in combat. Furthermore, the World Government the top tiers were revealed and, at the same time, the Marines were seen in a war against Blackbeard. Quite clearly, Oda is juggling a lot at the moment and, for all this to receive focus, some time had to be stripped away from the beloved straw hat cast. Fans have had to wait quite a long time to see their beloved cast of the Straw Hat Pirates return, however, that wait is now over as Luffy and the gang have officially made it back with one piece chapter 1089.

The Straw Hat Pirates made their way to Egghead Island after Wano Country. Once the group descended from the waterfalls of Wano, their Logpose locked onto Egghead, which is also known as the island of the future. As soon as the Straw Hat Pirates entered the climate zone of this island, fans saw giant mechanical pieces in the sea and it was immediately clear that Vegapunk would be on the island. One Piece fans had waited years for the reveal of Dr. Vegapunk and thankfully, with Egghead Island, that reveal was finally made. Egghead Island proved to be a challenge for the Straw Hats, given that they had to deal with quite a lot of trouble that had been brewing long before they even arrived there.

The plan to assassinate Vegapunk was well underway and the Straw Hats, naturally, got involved in that. Trying to protect Vegapunk, the Straw Hat ended up engaging CP0 in action and even went head to head against the Seraphims, who were controlled by one of the bodies of Vegapunk that had betrayed the Stella. Fighting against these monstrous adversaries was not easy for the crew, however, as is expected of a newly elected Yonko group, Luffy and the crew rose to the occasion and managed to survive, as well as take control of the situation.

As soon as the identity of the traitor Vegapunk was revealed to the fans, Oda decided to cut away from Egghead Island and focus on other things going on in the One Piece world. Fans got to see the likes of Kid and Law in action against powerful Emperors Shanks and Blackbeard respectively. A glimpse of their powers was provided to the fans and, later on, Oda also took his focus elsewhere.

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A proper flashback of the Reverie was given through Sabo, who had managed to find his way back to the Kamabakka Kingdom. Through him, Oda revealed everything that took place during the Reverie as well as the identities of the Five Elders of the world. At the same time, he also focused on their powers and confirmed their status as the Warrior Gods of the world. Furthermore, Oda also delved into a lot of lore regarding Imu, the sovereign of the world. Their connection to Lily was explored and, needless to say, fans enjoyed every bit of it. Finally, Oda decided to tackle the events of the Pirate Island as well. Garp, a legendary figure in the One Piece world, decided to attack the Pirate Island to rescue his protege, Koby, and destroy the Blackbeard Pirates. While he succeeded in doing part of it, he ended up staying behind and sacrificed himself for the group so that they could escape.

The chapters where Oda took his focus away from the Straw Hat Pirates made it pretty clear that the story was now in the end game as Oda needed to show everyone that the world is more turbulent than ever before and the era is tumultuous.

Sadly, all this had to come at the expense of the Straw Hat Pirates and while fans certainly do appreciate that, at the same time, they do miss the group quite a lot. Thankfully, One Piece chapter 1089 remedied that as the story moved back to Egghead Island.

While the first half of the chapter focused on the events that were going on all around the world, including a massive rise in the sea level of 1 meter, the story soon moved back to Egghead Island. Fans saw the marines preparing their siege of the Future Island and it was revealed that around 100 ships were present right outside Egghead. These hundred ships included around 20 warships, which had around 9 Vice Admirals on them, and also one Admiral, Kizaru. At the same time, one of the Five Elders, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, was also present on one of the ships and it is only a matter of time before the Egghead Incident is triggered.

While the Marines were preparing for their assault of Egghead Island, things looked very different from the inside. All this was revealed to the fans through a Den Den Mushi call made by York, which explained all the events that have been going on on Egghead Island to the fans. At the end of York's message, however, it was revealed that the Straw Hat Pirates were, in fact, alive and kicking and had taken control of the entire situation on the island.

The last time fans saw them, the Straw Hat Pirates were struggling to take on the might of the Seraphims as well as deal with Vegapunk at the same time. All that has been skipped over now and what fans are seeing in front of them is the fact that everything has been taken care of. The Seraphims do not seem to be a problem anymore and, at the same time, York has been apprehended successfully. Dr. Vegapunk has successfully been rescued and everyone is now preparing to leave Egghead.

Of course, the fact that the Marines are at the gates with their 100 ships has now been made clear to the Straw Hat Pirates as well and they know exactly what they are up against. The group wants to escape the grasp of the Navy, however, as always, things will likely not go according to plan and they will most certainly engage in combat with them. Regardless, fans were absolutely delighted to see the Straw Hat Pirates return to the manga after nearly 4 months of being away. Finally, now, the Egghead Arc can throw more light on the Straw Hat Pirates and the massive Egghead Incident that has been teased by Oda on various occasions to be one capable of shaking the entire world. Fans are excited and anxious at the same time, however, mostly glad that the Straw Hats have finally returned.

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One PieceOne Piece is available to read on MangaPlus.