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Aug 06, 2023

One Piece: Admiral Kizaru Vs Straw Hat Pirates, Explained

The Straw Hat Pirates will be confronted by the powerful Admiral Kizaru. One Piece is currently in its Egghead Island Arc and it has certainly been fun for the fans to read so far. With quite a lot of

The Straw Hat Pirates will be confronted by the powerful Admiral Kizaru.

One Piece is currently in its Egghead Island Arc and it has certainly been fun for the fans to read so far. With quite a lot of events going on all over the world, the current arc of One Piece has made sure that fans stay on their toes the entire time. Currently, this arc appears to be in its climax as the Egghead Incident, which was teased by Oda quite a lot, has finally been triggered.

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Now, Admiral Kizaru is currently on Egghead Island and he is surely going to fight against the Straw Hat Pirates very soon. Fans know Kizaru to be incredibly powerful, however, the Straw Hat Pirates are no pushovers. A big fight is about to break out and it will be interesting to see which way it goes.

Kizaru was revealed to be leading a massive fleet of ships towards Egghead Island quite a while ago. It wasn't until recently that they finally arrived on this island and Oda went on to explain to the fans that Kizaru's forces are absolutely massive. The Navy unit surrounding Egghead Island is composed of a total of 100 ships and among these ships, there are 20 warships. On those 20 warships, there are nine Vice Admirals, and all of those are known to be incredibly powerful. Furthermore, there is also Admiral Kizaru and, of course, one of the Five Elders, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. The total number of Marines surrounding the island equals 30,000 and that certainly is a massive number for the Straw Hat Pirates to fight alone.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the plan for the Straw Hat Pirates was to fly right over the Navy fleet from the back side and then use Coup de Burst to fly away. However, fans know that plans do not go how they are laid down in One Piece and, towards the end of the chapter, Kizaru went on to ruin the entire plan by entering Egghead Island himself. Currently, he is on the Fabriophase and it will only be a matter of time before he enters the Labophase as well. Kizaru is currently engaged in combat with Sentomaru, who fans know to be quite powerful. However, it must be remembered that Sentomaru is quite injured at the moment and, at the same time, simply does not possess enough strength to stop Kizaru.

Fans will most likely see Kizaru make quick work of Sentomaru and then head to the Labophase. In the Labophase, there are quite a lot of people that he can target, however, if he is looking for a fight, then he is likely going to chase Luffy. In the previous chapter, Luffy immediately felt the presence of someone powerful arriving on the island. This means he's well aware of the threat that this person poses and would most likely want to fight him head-on so he doesn't do any harm to his friends as well as his allies.

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Luffy taking on Kizaru in battle is almost a given. Fans know Luffy is extremely powerful and more than capable of holding his own against the Navy Admiral. In fact, fighting a Navy Admiral is something that he desperately needs. While Luffy has fought against Yonko, he has not engaged in proper combat against one of these powerful fighters. It would be incredibly fun for the fans to see how he fares in a battle against these monsters. Fans can rest assured that Luffy will fight against Kizaru and potentially give them an idea of how strong he is when compared to an Admiral. Of course, Kizaru alone cannot take on the entirety of the crew. He will need help and that is where an interesting predicament comes up.

If Kizaru takes on the Straw Hat Pirates alone, he is most certainly going to lose this fight. Luffy alone is enough to defeat him, and the Straw Hat Pirates that are also on the Labophase right now are powerful enough to take him down as well. The crew has the likes of Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe who can take care of Kizaru in combat if they fight together. If they were to combine their forces with Luffy, Kizaru would stand absolutely no chance. The other Navy members, while powerful, are also no major threat to any member of the Straw Hat Pirates. This means it is possible for Saturn to take things on himself and step into battle.

Although Saturn does not want his identity revealed, there is most certainly going to come a point when he will be forced to make a move. When that happens, it is possible that Luffy will end up taking on Saturn, given that he is likely going to be stronger than an Admiral, if not just as strong. Fans already saw him utilize his Devil Fruit powers and while it is unclear which fruit he possesses, fans know that he's going to be quite powerful. With that said, Luffy could engage with him and a fight, leaving Kizaru to the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. This would also increase the tension in the arc and, at the same time, boost the intensity as well. This would mean that Kizaru would then need to be taken care of by the likes of Zoro and Sanji. Fans know these two to be the Wings of the Pirate King and together, they should be strong enough to take on an Admiral. Individually, they cannot fare too well and would eventually end up losing.

The fight between Kizaru and the Straw Hat Pirates is going to be very intense. Oda has teased the Egghead Island arc to be incredibly intense and the Egghead Incident is going to be one of massive proportions that is going to shake the entire world. This gives fans an idea that whatever ends up happening is going to be huge. It is very unlikely for the Straw Hat Pirates to lose here, given that Luffy is a newly elected Yonko and, at the same time, Vegapunk cannot die so early in the Final Saga. All things point towards the World Government losing this fight and that would mean both Kizaru and Saturn would have to be taken down. If Luffy ends up fighting against Saturn, then he is going to be the one to defeat him and Kizaru will then be taken down by the collaborative effort of the Straw Hat Pirates, possibly Zoro and Sanji together.

On the other hand, if Saturn does not get involved in this incident, then Luffy will most likely take care of Kizaru by himself and the other fighters will likely try to fight against the massive fleet that surrounds the island. Furthermore, it is entirely possible for both Kizaru and Saturn to be captured here. It must be remembered that these guys now have bounties on their heads and the Cross Guild will certainly pay. It must also be kept in mind that the Blackbeard Pirates are also on the island and they would relish the opportunity to hunt these powerful warriors down.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media.

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